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By: KixKat Knits Shop | June 23, 2018

She is brought into your view on silent wings as you walk through serene woods. She is beauty, she is grace - she is the lovely barn owl.

The On Silent Wings Shawl , constructed in the winged style, is modelled after a barn owl in flight. The shawl is 22” deep with a 54” wingspan. This shawl was knit in the Etsy shop wildwoole17’s Barn Owl colorway.

On Silent Wings Shawl

On Silent Wings Shawl

On Silent Wings Shawl


  • 930 yds of fingering weight yarn
  • 3.25mm needles; recommend using 47” circulars
  • Stitch markers
  • Needle to weave in ends

Necessary Skills

  • Knit & purl
  • K2tog & kfb
  • YO
  • Picot bind off

Test knit at least 75% completed by September 30, 2018.

Other Requirements

  • You will need to make a project page on Ravelry that will later be linked to the pattern and that will include finished pic...

By: KixKat Knits Shop | March 08, 2017

I heard about Yarnbox a while ago at a local knitting group meeting, and realized that the idea is just the coolest idea ever because who doesn't love getting mystery yarn???! 

I decided on getting the Socks edition. I didn't feel comfortable splashing down that much cash on a Lux box, and I didn't want just any weight yarn. I usually knit with DK or lighter. Socks Box it was! 

The basic premise is thus: You sign up, and pick what box. It looks like the Classic and Lux you can choose monthly or every 3 months, but the Socks box is monthly. (Personally, I'd much, much rather it come every 3 months so I have time to actually use the yarn.) In your account, you then pick what colors you LOVE (I picked all), what colors you HATE (I pic...

By: KixKat Knits Shop | February 23, 2017

I recently purchased fancy knitting equipment. I splurged. Mostly because I could, but also in celebration of selling 10 animals! Woo!! Now only a buck and another hedgie to go....

Anyway, I finally got fed up of my favorite needle type splitting on me - bamboo. I love my bamboo needles. I love the warmth, the bendiness, and the general feel of them. I have never liked metal needles - too slippery and harsh in the hand. Nor plastic - they have always caught at the yarn. Karbonz needles caught my eye, and I had to try them (especially since my US3 needles, which I primarily use, lost their tips!). 

Karbonz are not least, coming from someone who usually uses bamboo. I bought mine off of Amazon, and I believe they were  $15...

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By: KixKat Knits Shop | January 12, 2017


My family is always sending me links to cool or new knitting things they find. Sometimes it’s goofy yarn, sometimes it’s multicolored needles, and sometimes it’s pattern books. A while ago I was sent a link to a description of this awesome sounding, just-what-I-needed pattern book that I immediately jumped on the internet to find. (I’ll review the book later…since I’m using it for a gift.)

It was on Amazon, eBay, a few knitting websites…but the best price with a good, full-fleshed description was on a site I hadn’t used before called Deramores. I checked out the shipping policy – seemed fair enough, decent amount of detail for a smaller-seeming shop, and it even specified that all items were shipped from the UK, so any internationa...

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By: KixKat Knits Shop | January 08, 2017

KixKat Knits was created in 2016 after making way too many baby gifts (why is everyone I know having a baby?), and then having friends of the recipients want their own. Somehow that turned into a teeny tiny knitting shop, which I named KixKat Knits. Only part of that name is true. 

This big furry thing is Kix: 


 He is part Paint, part Spotted Saddlehorse, and I believe part goat. He tries to eat everything. He, obviously, cannot knit. I'm pretty sure he would just eat the yarn instead. He has a weird liking for mittens: 


I am the other side of the name - I'm Kat! I, with my super useful thumbs, can knit. 

Don't worry - all items are made well away from Kix. Unless, of course, you really like horse slobber.